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Staking University History

Started in 1999, Staking University became the first fixed-based pipe and cable locate training program with year-round scheduled classes. Today, Staking University has performed work for over 400 customers including distribution utility companies, corridor utility companies, engineering companies, military bases, manufacturers, contract locating companies, government agencies and training companies.


Staking University Training Today

Staking University is located in Manteno, IL, 45 miles south of Chicago’s Loop. With over 50 locating instruments for student use, Staking U conducts twenty-two, 5-day classes and six, 2-day Locator Certification Seminars (LCS) each year at its home campus. Additionally, Staking U conducts approximately twenty-five Locator Certification Seminars hosted by utilities, one-call centers, and municipalities in states from Delaware to California, from Georgia to Minnesota.

No matter the brand, Staking U instructors are highly knowledgeable on all types of locating equipment.

In 2010, Staking University premiered its first training product, a 113-minute video titled Locating Unlimited.


Onsite Training

The majority of training Staking U conducts is at the customer’s location. These classes are primarily outdoor, hand-on training using locating instruments belonging to the customer. At the customer’s choosing, classes range from 1-day to 5-day and can include written or hands-on certification. Due to the hands-on nature of these classes, Staking U suggests that the optimum class size is 10 students; 15 students is the suggested maximum class size.


Student Profiles

Staking U students have a wide range of experience: from no experience to over 35 years of locating experience. Staking U students locate all types of utilities using nearly 15 different brands of instruments. Given this type of diversity—often within a single class—Staking U instructors rely heavily on individual instruction presented in a public manner.


Staking University Qualifications

This is an extremely unique business with few participants. The best way to answer this question: Over half of the companies that manufacture pipe and cable locating instruments routinely send their people to Staking U training courses.